As we move from May to June and the school year winds down, a lot of teenagers are getting ready for summer jobs, and a lot of younger kids are getting ready for Summer camp.

I've talked before about how the Summer camp that I went to was an important part of growing up for me. Some people, usually also former campers, "get it" and some don't. I feel like learning how to live quasi-independently at a young age really helps prepare a young person for going away from home for college and life afterwords as well.


I did the whole deal; I was a camper, and when I was too old to be a camper I worked at the same camp. All in all, I went to Camp Watonka in the Poconos for 10 years. Some of my oldest friends are my camp friends.

So how about you, were you a camper and/or counselor? Do your kids go to camp in the summer? Vote in the poll below and feel free to leave a shout out to your favorite camp in the comments section!