On this day in History ......

So this blog has two parts, a little history and a little lifestyle talk.

It was on the day in history ( 11/18 ) in 1963 ( I was not born FYI lol )  .... that the "touch-tone" telephone made it's debut. Prior to this the "rotary" phone had been king. The new technology mad it easier on the fingers lol

So I began thinking , how many listeners have gotten rid of their "home" phone ? Used to be everyone had the land line in the kitchen .... but since cell phones have taken over the old fashioned home phone has been disappearing. We still have our home phone, despite everyone having their own cell phone. I must admit that usually when the home phone rings its a telemarketer lol we usually get all our calls on our cell phones. At first I thought the idea of not having a kitchen phone was weird , but now as time has gone on I don't think I'd miss it. I do think eventually we won't have a home phone, but for now I'll get up and walk over at 9 pm, check caller ID ....realize it's a telemarketer and not pick up lol

So do you still have a "home" phone ?