Many companies are trying to send us a subtle message with coded images in their logos. Take a look at the familiar FedEx logo above. We've all seen it hundreds of times, but did you ever notice the hidden symbol?

Take a good look between the "E" and the "X", notice the arrow pointing forward? Likely placed there to make us feel like FedEx is a brand that moves forward.

Amazon is a little more obvious. Obviously the curved line looks like a smile, but have you also noticed that it goes from A to Z? Suggesting that Amazon has everything from A to Z.

Baskin Robbins

Here's another that we're all familiar with, the Baskin Robbins logo.Notice the pink parts of the "B" and "R"? What is Baskin Robbins famous for? Their 31 flavors of course!

Milwaukee Brewers

Here's my personal favorite - the Milwaukee Brewers famous 1980s (and current retro) "ball and glove" logo. At first glance it's immediately recognizable as a baseball mitt with a ball in the middle, but if you follow the yellow outlines of the glove, you'll see the lowercase "m" and "b" for the team city and name.

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