The mind is a really weird thing.

I was just having this conversation this past weekend - it's pretty amazing when you think that we know the makeup of Jupiter's atmosphere, hundreds of millions of miles away, but we don't really know how the human mind works.

It's so strange when you can be dreaming of the most random thing, and feel like it's perfectly reasonable when you're dreaming, but then you wake up and think, "what the heck??"

I don't know about you, but I feel like that happens to me on a regular basis.

Sometimes I can trace elements back to things that happened the previous day - things I read, saw on TV, heard on the radio, etc.

And sometimes it just feels totally random. Like last night's dream about a former traffic reporter of mine who, in my dream, lived next to The Mets' Citi Field (which, she doesn't in real life), drives a tank as her car, and had a neighbor who made 100lb hamburgers out of his kitchen.

Don't ask, it literally doesn't make any sense to me.

So do you have that experience, or do you generally not remember your dreams at all? Tell us about your strangest dreams in the comments section!