Investigators probing a July Manchester gas station holdup release surveillance video, hoping that it will jog the memory of someone who knows the suspect or his whereabouts.

Screen shot of video surveillance from Jersey Gas robbery in Manchester (Manchester Police)

Police responded to a report of the robbery at the Jersey Gas stand on County Route 530 at about 9:52 PM on July 3. Police say the suspect attacked the attendant from behind, leading to a struggle.

Authorities say the suspect whipped out a handgun and ordered, "Give me the money," but the pump jockey fought him off and sustained face and leg injuries.

The suspect is described as a white male. No approximate weight or height estimates are given, but he is said to have been wearing a dark blue or black tee shirt, tan shorts with a dark belt and white sneakers. He also wore pantyhose over his face, with the stockings still attached.

Police say he was see on video running toward Station Road in the township's Whiting section.

Investigators say they are keeping all information confidential. Manchester PD Detective Adam Emmons can be reached at 732-657-6111, extention 4203.