Do you recognize this little guy? I received this picture from a listener, who said that she found him in Lakewood, at the corner of Ridge and Ventura yesterday.

He is not microchipped and didn't have any tags or information. He is approximately 8 years old, and was dirty and had long nails. So it would seem that he may have been lost for a bit of time.

The listener who found him and sent the info to us would obviously love to find his family, but can only hold on to him for another day or so due to her busy schedule and the fact that she already has a couple of dogs as well as kids, at which point she'll bring him to a local shelter who will, of course, take great care of him until his family can be found or he is put up for adoption.

If you recognize this little guy or know someone who lost their dog, shoot me an email by clicking here, and I'll pass the info along. Let's try to find this pup's family!