Tis' the Season, not Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas .... it's political season! You have probably noticed that as the leaves fall, the signs have started going up. In fact as you drive around anywhere throughout Monmouth or Ocean County you have to have seen the "signs". The political signs are everywhere. Local, state and of course federal elections. We see all the candidates and their signs stuck all over the place.


Here are a few questions I have for listeners ...

  • Does the fact you see a candidates sign, make you vote for them or influence you?
  • Will you judge your selection on the candidate whose sign you see the most?
  • Will you NOT vote for a candidate that has signs planted everywhere?
  • Do you consider political signs as a form of litter and/or pollution?


Here's how I feel. Political signs mean nothing to me, I'm an informed voter so I don't need to see who to vote for as I drive to my polling station on election day lol I find the little signs that are stuck in the ground the most annoying, especially when they are still around come St. Patrick's Day ! I think I prefer a larger billboard if you must campaign visually to us, much like we will do in radio ... when we have "large" billboards. The presentation is much better.


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As far as Trump and Clinton .... I have seen mostly Trump signs/billboards here at the Shore, I have hardly seen any for Clinton. Nothing for Independents Johnson/Stein.


Tell us how you feel about political signs ?



Shawn Michaels