Do you love watching a good old movie ?

So lately I have really started enjoying watching channel 243 "the Movies" station! Its all about old movies from the 40's, 50's, 60's and even some 70's .... but not classics just all kinds of films , some good and some bad. Recently I was watching Richard Widmark in the "Red Skies of Montana"  ( 1952 ) and "Vicki"  with Richard Boone ( 1953 ) ... Two movies I have never heard of , but I was glued to the screen.

Because of my schedule , I find myself watching these movies while everyone is out in the afternoon lol Me , Max and Dex ! ( Our Dogs )

So what is it ? Is it that these movies show us a "simpler" time .... Innocence ? Maybe Im feel nostalgic and these movies remind me of growing up  ( the 60's & 70's flicks lol not the 40's & 50's ) Whatever the case , I'm enjoying an occasional old movie .... Hopefully you can slow down, plop on the coach and take in one too :)