A Look at kayaking here at the Jersey Shore

This past weekend my Son ( Zach ) and his friends hit the waters in Little Egg Inlet and did some kayaking on the back bay area of 7 Bridges Road . They were not the only ones either, lots of kayak's were out. More and more people are enjoying kayaking through out the area ....

The rivers in this region are rich in history and folklore, as well as filled with the wonders of nature - wildlife, beautiful stands of Atlantic white cedar, and most of all, the serenity of the Pine Barrens.  Water is clean (the "tea-color" is a result of tannic acid from the roots of cedars lining the river banks and does not affect the water quality.) and the air is clear.  Wildlife such as otters, beavers, bog turtles, Pine Barren treefrogs, ospreys, and even occasional bald and golden eagles, might be glimpsed as the canoe moves silently through the waters - don't forget a waterproof camera!  Vegetation is abundant and includes interesting plants such as sundews, pitcher plants, rare orchids and curly grass fern. But please don't disturb these precious plants! Many are endangered species.

The Mullica, Batsto, Oswego and Wading Rivers in Burlington County, and Cedar Creek in Ocean County are but a few favorite canoeing locations, and the Barnegat and Little Egg Harbor Bays are favorites for kayakers. ~ pineypower.com

There are kayak clinics and classes residents can take at various county parks, including Wells Mills County Park in Waretown.

How about joining a kayaking organization like the Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association ... Get together with others who love exploring the Jersey Shore in their Kayaks.

Activities, like kayaking, along with biking, hiking and camping .... are great family fun and healthy activities too. Get Outside New Jersey is another great website to find these adventures right in our backyard :)

Check out this article for a look at health benefits of kayaking .....

So two questions

  • Do you love kayaking
  • Where do you love to kayak here at the Jersey Shore