Until recently, I didn't.  Between APRs, balance transfers and minimum payents, it can be challening to keep credit card lingo straight. 

One important credit card term than many U.S. adults reveal they don't have a grasp on ---is their "credit score."  According to a new survey from Coupon Cabin, 47% of U.S. adults do not know what their credit score is.

So recently, I've been looking at houses and getting a mortgage from a lending company is where credit scores really matter.  I knew a while ago what my number was, but now I know for sure.  It's quite an exciting adventure but it's so worth it.  And with that credit score, it's so important because with that good score comes..yes you are approved or no you're not approved.  Credit scores aren't just for purchasing a new home or a car but it's for those "oh so important credit cards", too.

Do you know your credit score?