You've probably seen dozens of young people wearing those headphones to the left out in public lately. The "Beats by Dr. Dre" line by Monster has been just that, a monster seller. The part that amazes me though - they sell for up to $400.

Working in radio, I see a good pair of headphones like a chef sees a good set of knives, they're an important tool to doing your job well. That being said, I have spent close to $200 for headphones in the past. My personal favorites for sound quality are Sony's MDR-V700, and honestly, I can't imagine a pair of "cans" sounding better than those. So I have to assume that the extra $200 for the "Beats" headphones are for the Dr. Dre name.

The most interesting part of the ubiquity of the "Beats" headphones lately is the fact that it's all pretty young people I've seen wearing them. So unless paper routes are paying a lot better than they did when I was a kid, parents are seriously indulging their children.

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