As Halloween quickly approaches, a lot of people are thinking about their kids' costumes, but what about the family pet?

A friend of mine got the perfect costume for his dachshund, Copper. Yes, that is a taco-dog.

And there are lots of options out there!

After all the hype surrounding Pope Francis and his visit, why not dress your dog up as The Pontiff?

We all know that Star Wars is in fashion once again, maybe your dog will make for the perfect Ewok.

The funny part about writing this article - as I was researching, there were tons of costumes for dogs, but I couldn't find very many for cats. A quick search of "Halloween costumes for cats" gets you more Cat Woman from Batman, and not so many dressed up felines.

So do you dress your family pet up for Halloween? Click here to send in a picture and it could be featured here!