At last night's Republican National Convention in Tampa, New Jersey took center stage when Governor Chris Christie delivered the keynote address. While many of may have watched, did it mean much to you?

It's no secret that both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions are carefully planned and staged down to the very last detail. While Governor Christie has become known in New Jersey for his "no nonsense" attitude and off the cuff remarks, let's be honest, there was nothing off the cuff about last night's presentation. It was carefully written and vetted well ahead of time.


And, in all fairness, President Obama's remarks at next week's Democratic National Convention will be no different.

Are the political parties just being careful and making sure well ahead of time that none of the speakers will let loose any unexpected, and potentially embarrassing outbursts, or are they taking the sincerity and genuine feel out of the speeches? Vote on our poll below and feel free to leave a comment!