When it comes to shopping for a specific item, we usually have a lot of choices; Brand A, Brand B, Brand C, and many times a no-name generic brand.

Most of the time, those no-name products are a lot cheaper than the name brands. Sometimes what you save in money, you lose in quality. But other times, the items could even all be produced in the same factory, and the more that you're paying for the brand name is literally just for the name.

So the question is - do you buy generic? And if so how do you decide what to buy generic for and what to pay the extra for the name brand on?

For me, personally, with groceries I'm more likely to buy the cheaper store brand. Especially with things like condiments and sauces. I mean how much difference can there be between soy sauces, for example?

One category that I don't skimp on though, is electronics. I've definitely found that you get what you pay for in this sector. You'll shell out more cash for a Sony DVD player, but it'll often have more options, a better warranty, and be sturdier than the one you've never heard of that Walmart is selling for $30.

So take our poll below and then comment and let us know what items you don't mind going generic with and what you refuse to compromise on!