Are you happy? Do you think that your friends, neighbors and co-workers are happy? Well, according to a new survey, New Jersey is just kind of happy.

According to a study on the website, the Garden State falls right into the middle of the pack as far as happiness is concerned.

They explain that the survey took into account the financial well being of a state, as well as, "one’s physical health, personal purpose and social connectivity."

So, in addition to people's finances and physical well being, I would interpret the others to refer to emotional well being, and how engaged in the community and with others someone is.

With these factors put together, the list puts Utah as the happiest state (it is supposed to be pretty out there), while we fall right into the middle of the pack, at number 20.

So while we may not be the happiest state in the country, look at it this way - at least we're not West Virginia (#51).

So what do you think, does Jersey deserve to be higher on the list? Are we further up than we deserve to be? Or does 20 seem about right to you? Weigh in on the comments section!


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