It was on this day in history that Fantasia opened

So Disney fans... It was on this day in history ( 11/13 ) in 1940 that the Disney Musical "Fantasia" opened in theatres.  The film consists of eight animated segments set to pieces of classical music conducted by Leopold Stokowski; seven of which are performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Disney settled on the film's concept as work neared completion on The Sorcerer's Apprentice, an elaborate "Silly Symphonies" short designed as a comeback role for Mickey Mouse. As production costs grew higher than what it could earn, he decided to include the short in a feature-length film with other segments set to classical pieces.

I enjoyed Fantasia as an adult, but as a child it was just way over my head. Many thought Walt Disney went to "High Brow" with this production....with many thinking Disney was home to short cartoon funnies....instead of classical productions. I don't think the film was to "High Brow" it's just an adult piece and for those who love classical music. Maybe too far ahead of itself for 1940.

Did you love Fantasia ?