In New Jersey he's "the boss," but were you aware that Gov. Chris Christie has a second job?

Tim Larsen, Governor's Office

He's also chairman of the Republican Governors Association, and he thinks things there are going well.

"The chairmanship so far, it's pretty good," Christie said at a State House press conference. "We're raising money, which is my job in the main. I've had three trips so far: I've been in Idaho and Vermont, and to Boston."

According to its website, the RGA raised $23.5 million through the first half of 2013 and enters the 2014 election cycle with more than $45 million cash on hand.

Christie believes his tenure atop the organization will be beneficial to both him and his colleagues.

"Things are going well," Christie said. "The chairmanship is being received well by the donors, and I've had an opportunity to meet with a number of candidates or potential candidates. It's a big job, but I'm enjoying the challenge."

The governor will be working with a well-known, longtime political ally in the RGA. Christie's deputy chief of staff Bill Stepien, who also helped run the governor's re-election campaign, is going to work for Christie in his new post.

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