The three men who set out from Tuckerton on an overnight fishing excursion are found safe and sound, and where they said they'd be, following a morning search by the U.S. Coast Guard in what was apparently a case of miscommunication.

Petty Officer Nicholas Ameen says that Trevor Daniels and his buddies were stunned to see a USCG helicopter patrolling the skies as far as the 60 miles offshore that they planned to travel.

They left Tuckerton in a white 28-footer about 10:30 PM Monday, according to information supplied by the Guard.

Daniels's father called the Delaware Bay sector when the trio failed to return around 6:00 this morning. Problem was, says Ameen, that they planned to return at about 6:00 PM, not AM.

A chopper crew from the Atlantic City station found the fishermen a short while after lifting off this morning. It's still not known whether they filed a float plan beforehand or maintained radio contact during the voyage - two safeguards that the Coast Guard recommends strongly for anyone taking to the open waters.