Despite being on vacation for part of the last few weeks, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has continued to make sure the public knows he intends to battle Democrats this summer because they will not give him the guarantee of a tax cut that he’s demanding.

Today, Christie kicks off what he’s calling his “Endless Summer Tax Relief Tour.” The first event is scheduled at an outdoor pavilion in Manasquan.

Christie insists the state has the money right now for a tax cut. Democrats set aside $183 million in the budget the Governor recently signed for a tax cut in January if the state has the revenue to pay for it.

The Governor has been blasting Democrats claiming they are holding tax relief hostage for purely politics reasons. In a pre-emptive strike leading up to Christie’s event today, Assembly Democratic Leader Lou Greenwald released the following statement:

“It’s nice of Governor Christie to stop by New Jersey every once in a while, but his brief swing through the state unfortunately won’t repair the damage he’s done to middle-class taxpayers. Actions speak louder than words, and Governor Christie’s actions prove his priority is protecting tax breaks for the mega-rich at the expense of the middle-class. Time and time again Gov. Christie has rejected property tax relief for New Jersey’s middle-class and seniors, to the point that they’re suffering under a net 20 percent property tax hike……..No amount of showboating by Governor Christie can hide the fact that his attack on the middle-class marches onward.”

Christie’s office put out a press release pointing out that 84,900 private-sector jobs have been created since the Governor took office, May was the best month of job growth for New Jersey in seven years and a recent survey shows 59% of the state’s CEOs expect the Garden State’s economy to improve over the next year.

It’s likely Christie will give his own response to Greenwald today.