My Dad is a wonderful man.  We always seem to say, "thanks" to Mom so much and sort of forget about that guy over there...Dad!  My Dad's done so much for me!  He's showed me what a good man really is.  His family was and is still number one to him no matter what!

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media


He guides the Moll ship and only hopes his kids and grand kids are healthy and safe.  Everyday my Dad takes care of my Mom who is handicapped..and I'll never be able to thank him so much for all he does for her!

I always heard growing up marry someone like your Dad!  Hopefully if I get another chance to get married again, I will marry someone just like my Dad this time around!  He's the BEST!  I guess I should've listened the first time!

I've always been his tootsie and still to this day when I call, he says, "Hey Toots"!  It puts a smile on my face writing this and hearing it every time!  "Thank you Dad"!

Dad's---What would you like to make your special day even more special?  What do you want for Father's Day?