The Monmouth County Prosecutors Office is stepping up its crackdown on government corruption by launching a new tips hotline.

Acting Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni says it's the perfect time to monitor a vendor's association with certain towns and revenue allocation, as federal and charitable money begins flowing into communities impacted by the superstorm. Gramiccioni says while most public servants are honest, "with the flow of revenue comes the opportunity for people with malicious intentions to take that money, or divert it or steal it and we want to police that."

Gramiccioni says citizens who are paying attention and who are informed in their local communities are the best source of information in stopping corruption. "They see the actions of their elected officials and just ordinary operations of government day to day more so than we do and I'm enlisting the public's assistance to try to help us."

In a press release, the Prosecutors Office list examples of possible corruption, fraud or misconduct as: misuse of governmental funds, chronic spending irregularities, corruption in contract and bid process, theft or embezzlement of governmental or municipal funds, bribery and extortion, insurance or receipt of kickback payments, or illegal collusion with vendors.

Gramiccioni says tipsters shouldn't worry about their continued involvement because if necessary, tips and information can certainly be provided anonymously. He says "for us it's just getting the information and many of these cases are documentary or traditional white-collar cases that don't necessitate the use of witnesses."

Citizens may report concerns via the following:

  • Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office Corruption Tip Line 1-855-7-UNJUST (855-786-5878).
  • You can also E-mail tips to Write "Corruption/Misconduct Tip" in the subject line.