NORTH BRUNSWICK — Now, the yolk's on them.

Police in this Middlesex County township have arrested two men believed to be behind dozens of egg attacks last month.

Taranbir Singh, 18, of Carteret, and Hamza Ahmed, 20, also of Carteret, were charged with throwing eggs at dozens of parked cars in the Hidden Lake area.

Singh and Ahmed were charged with numerous counts of criminal mischief and were released to await trial, according to police, who expect to make two additional arrests.

"We do not believe that there are any ties to North Brunswick, other than the random choice of these individuals," Police Captain Brian Hoiberg said.

Hoiberg had said there was no obvious reason or motive for anyone to be targeted.

"The neighborhood spans different ethnicities," he said.

Three or four incidents were reported to police on Feb. 16 and again two days later. Last Monday, police received 40 reports of eggings.

"Cars, a couple homes, the street, the general neighborhood was egged," Hoiberg said.

He said that police believe there many be additional incidents that have not been reported and asked them to call 732-247-0922.

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