A Jackson man awaits a municipal court date in Howell Township, accused of letting it all hang out in a convenience store parking lot.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Police say that a woman filed a report on August 30 after an encounter at about 6:30 PM with Joseph T. Battista, 58, outside the Wawa on Route 9 near Kent Road.

The alleged victim, who police describe as being in her 50s, reported that, while seated in her car and using her mobile phone, a man parked a four-door, white Buick in a space across from hers, and began staring at her. Both were alone in their cars, she said.

She alleged that Battista emerged from his car with his intimate parts fully exposed, prompting her to confront him angrily. When she admonished him that he was on camera and would be reported, Battista allegedly claimed that he "forgot to zipper," and walked into the store.

Police said that she photographed the car with her phone and subsequently filed her report. Detective Anthony Romano identified Battista, who was given a criminal-complaint summons and released until his hearing, authorities said.

It's the second morals-related case in as many days to be revealed by authorities in shore police departments. Brick Township police are still searching for the man suspected of upskirting women, on at least two occasions, in the dressing room of the Target in their community. See details in the portal embedded above in this brief.

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