Jeff Fox, Consumer Reports Technology Editor, says Facebook knows a lot about its 900-million members, and many may be unwittingly cooperating with that data mining.

Fox says people are posting information about their alcohol use, their health, religious affiliations and their personal life. And, he says Facebook actually collects data.

Fox says employers, insurance companies and the IRS tap into that info about you.

Consumer Reports also says there’s been an overall increase in web I-D thefts, while malware use and unauthorized credit charges stayed about the same.

For its study, Consumer Reports queried Facebook and interviewed some two dozen others, including security experts, privacy lawyers, app developers, and victims of security and privacy abuse. It dug into private, academic, and government research, as well as what it called, “Facebook’s labyrinthian policies and controls.”

It also surveyed 2,002 online households, including 1,340 that are active on Facebook and projected the resulting data to estimate national totals.