We've talked before about how the construction on The Garden State Parkway is causing commuter headaches for Ocean County residents and workers. Just when I thought that the closures, lane changes, and shifts couldn't get more confusing, I hopped on at exit 90 last week.

As you can see in the picture above, it puts you right in the middle of concrete "cattle chutes" and funnels you onto the Parkway over about 1/4 of a mile or so.

Part of the problem though, is that some people panic when they get up to the top of the ramp. They see concrete on either side of them and think that they're going to get crushed like Luke Skywalker in the trash compactor on The Death Star.

Of course, we have to keep the big picture in mind here. When this is all over with, our commutes should be a lot more convenient, with a number of new options for getting on and off of the Parkway.