Congressman Jon Runyan is asking the Environmental Protection Agency to step in and investigate medical waste, including diabetic testing needles, washing up on the shore of Long Beach Island.

On Saturday the 16th beaches from Barnegat Light south to Ship Bottom had to be closed after several insulin syringes were found on the sand. Though the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is investigating the incident, Representative Runyan worries if speculation that the waste came from New York or other out of state sources becomes confirmed, the EPA would be needed to reach across jurisdictions.

“Because if it crosses the state lines, it’s going to cross over jurisdiction and you’re going to have to have the federal government involved.” Says Runyan.

This isn’t the first time there have been troubles with specifically insulin syringes washing up on shore. On May 27th a child came into contact with the home-testing needle in the dune’s of Brant Beach

Runyan believes that’s unacceptable, both because of the public safety issues it creates but also the ripple effects closed beaches have on the area’s tourism based economy.

“Tourism is the number one revenue generator at the Jersey Shore, and to have those beaches closed that’s just money you’re throwing out the window.”