Superstorm Sandy. The fiscal budget. The economy. All topics shore Congressman Jon Runyan (R) covered during his last meeting with Ocean County mayors. Although the representative isn't seeking a third term this November, he isn't done just yet.

Congressman Jon Runyan addresses Ocean County mayors (Jason Allentoff, Townsquare Media NJ)

With our nation's capital plagued with fiscal problems in 2013, the new year is already shaping up very differently with more of a compromise among the ranks. The U.S. Senate approved a spending bill to fund the government through September and eliminates the threat of a shutdown.

Runyan said "it was a bi-partisan vote, which proves the schannigans of last year were an utter waste of time. That government shutdown did more damage than people realized. I want to make sure that kind of political posturing never happens again."

One of the biggest things Runyan tried to do during his time in Washington was to take his Cost of Living Adjustment for Disabled Veterans Bill and make it more permanent. That has still not happened.  Runyan adds "there has been so much resistance for a cut and dry measure that would be tied to Social Security.  I have no idea why it's a problem."

The package does not cover permanent programs like Medicare and Social Security.  The spending plan funds the government through September, so there won't be another shutdown.

Runyan's term ends in November