Ladies, how do you do it?  How do you get your manicures and pedicures and not mess up your nails? Let me tell you what happened yesterday.  In preparation for a big event that I have coming up, I treated myself to a mani-pedi at a local nail salon.  I suppose with my clumsy tendencies I should not have been surprised by what happened.  But did I really just drop my purse on my newly polished toes?  Yes.  Thankfully the nail technician was right there to fix the mess.  But then, with newly painted fingernails, I managed to flip a magazine page right into the enamel.  Another mess.  But this time I was too embarrassed to say anything.  I'll suck it up, hoping nobody at the event notices.  To add insult to injury, the walk up the stairs to my house had me stub my big toe.  The perfectly polished nail now looks a than perfect.   So ladies, what's your secret?  How much time do you wait at the salon before your confident things are 100% dry and you can go about your day as you normally do?   How can you find your car keys in your purse without ruining the beautiful manicure you just paid for?  I know there are hundreds of you who treat yourselves regularly to this kind of pampering.  I love that we women have a place where we can escape, get pampered, and catch up on magazines.  So if you're a mani-pedi expert and can offer any suggestions on how to make the experience go more smoothly for amateurs like me, please comment below.  We'll see you at the nail salon!