A character who apparently conned a woman out of most of her bank account is sought by Brick Township Police. They want to know if you recognize him.

Authorities say the would-be huckster convinced the victim that he wired a sizable sum into her bank account and induced her to withdraw a large part of it, assuring her that she could keep the rest.

But it turned out that she withdrew her own money - he never deposited a dime.

The victim told police that the suspect used the name "Kevin Phillips," and that they met at a tattoo party in New Brunswick that was hosted by someone known as "Smacks." Police say the episode unfolded between May 9 and May 13.

If you recollect meeting or seeing the man in the photos gleaned from surveillance images at a Dunkin' Donuts in Brick, reach Detective Kenneth Steinberg, 732-262-1113.