Did you know if you or your family needs cardiac surgery at Community Medical Center in Toms River, you can't get it?

State laws continue to stand in the way as officials work towards a possible solution. Recently, Toms River,Berkeley, and Manchester Township's all passed resolutions in favor of the Barnabas owned facility. Officials at the facility will do everything in their power to cut through all of the red tape.

According to Community's President and CEO Stephanie Bloom, the hospital has tried for years to get the necessary designation to no success.


But why the hold up? Why would a hospital that sits smack dab in the center of one of the biggest areas for senior citizens be denying such a critical and life saving procedure?

Bloom explains "years ago, it was for quality control. They wanted to have greater oversight to make sure everything was done appropriately with no problems. The state would have to intervene if something went wrong. But now with advances in technology and how certain surgery procedures are minimally invasive, it should be changed."


Community Medical Center has been ranked among the top 100 hospitals in the nation and it's puzzling to Bloom that there are facilities around the state that have cardiac surgery units with a lower demand.

Bloom says "with the senior population this is really a no-brainer. We also have proof the need for cardiac care is vital in this area. Also, we have a full cardiac unit and can perform other procedures except this one."

Bloom tells WOBM News if they do get the go-ahead from the state, they have an expert staff from other Barnabas facilities ready to mobilize and have a full cardiac surgery department up and running within a year.