I have decided that I really don’t care that Colin Kaepernick will no longer stand during the playing of the National Anthem as his protest against black oppression in the United States.

In what is a sign of his declining status as a football player Kaepernick received more attention for sitting on the bench while the anthem was being played last weekend then his recent play at quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Just a couple of years ago he was one of the league’s top up-and-coming players and signed a six-year contract worth $114 million after leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl.

However due to a combination of injuries and poor performance he is a player the team has tried to trade and could even cut in the next couple of weeks. Kaepernick’s glory days as a player may be all but over but his “protest” has generated incredible attention and both negative and positive reactions from those in and out of the sports world.

You could argue that by not standing when The Star Spangled Banner is being played he is disrespecting those who have fought and continue to fight for the freedoms we have…and you wouldn’t be wrong.  At the same time you could also argue that those freedoms allow us to take these kinds of actions and it is what separates us from other countries and you would not be wrong.

Look I’m enough of a patriot to tell you it bothers me that so many don’t stand during the playing of our National Anthem at all sporting events. I’ve seen many sit before a high school football or basketball game.  At the same time I find it more disturbing that some will stand but talk on their cell phone or with others nearby. To me that’s more disrespectful.

Truthfully I don’t really care if Colin Kaepernick stands or sits or if other players follow him.  When the National Anthem is played I stand at attention and often with my hand over my heart and that’s my message and in my mind it’s every bit as powerful as his.