The fishing industry is not seeing many effects from Sandy this summer, but unusually cold water this season means some favorite fish varieties will be missing from your local grocer.

Fishing boats in New Jersey (Flickr User David James Ovens)

Notably, bluefish and bonito have been absent in the water, according to Ernie Panacek, General Manager of Viking Village seafood supplier located in Barnegat Light.

"Mainly because we've had this locked-in Bermuda high that is creating a lot of southerly winds and creating an upwelling of very cold water along the beach."

Coastal waters have remained in the 50s, even while temperatures sky rocket into the upper 90s. Panacek notes he has never seen anything like it.

Even without the bluefish, Panacek says boats are continue to bring in scallops, monk fish, and other line caught fish, however he says international demand is causing prices on many of those favorites to rise.

"I know, specifically, demand for scallops in China, tuna in Japan, and sea scallops, monkfish, and skate in Europe have all kept prices fairly strong."

Panacek notes the haul has been good, but the unusual water temperature makes for a precarious rest of the season.

"I don't know what this summer weather brings in terms of stability, but we need easterly wind to help bring in some warm water. It'll be good for the beaches and the swimmers because the water is 57."