Coastal researchers from around the world will be visiting the Jersey Shore tomorrow, many for the first time since Sandy hit.

Island Beach State Park New Boardwalk (Photo by Jason Allentoff, Townsquare Media)

A group of scientists, specializing in everything from dunes to aquatic life, will start in Island Beach State Park and work their way north to Sandy Hook.

New Jersey Institute of Technology Coastal Scientist Nancy Jackson says experts will be arriving from Montclair University, UC-Santa Barbara, and Texas A&M, as well as internationally from United Kingdom, France, Israel, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.

"We want to really discuss how we can integrate our knowledge to be able to grapple with some of the problems that we see going on, not just here in New Jersey, but around the world," Jackson said.

She says the trip will give the group a chance to look at New Jersey's diverse coastline, noting special attention will be paid to things like dunes, coastal erosion, and flood mitigation.

"How best to try and make systems a little more resilient and try at the same time to protect people's property; trying to get the human and natural systems working in concert with one another," she explained.

Jackson notes the Jersey Shore will give them an opportunity to look at how dune systems naturally form and evolve, as well as how they interact in a highly managed shore line.