Ah, entertainment center spaghetti. We all know it well. Most of us, myself included as you can see in the picture, live with it and try to hide it, but it can become a problem.

Not only can it be a fire hazard, but how much of a pain is it when you have to unplug one thing and you have no idea which cable goes to what you need to unhook?

Well I came across this website yesterday which had a fantastic, and fantastically simple, solution - bread bag clips! It's so simple but I would have never thought of it! Just take the plastic clips that are used to hold bread packages closed, label them ("TV", "DVD Player", etc) and clip them to the appropriate cable.

Some other great tips on the page - keep sets of sheets together by folding them and storing them in their own pillow cases (seriously, it's ridiculous how simple these things are when you read them, but most of us would never come up with this stuff on our own!). And baby powder is a great way to get sand off of your skin after spending the day at an Ocean County beach.

There are two dozen ridiculously simple tricks that you can use around the house to solve common annoyances. Check it out by clicking here.

When you're done, let us know your tips and tricks in the comments section below!