I enjoy watching shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars. It's always cool to see them dig up a toy from the early 1900's that can fetch big bucks. But did you know that some more recent toys can be worth a chunk of change too?

My mom sent me this interesting article about the Rubik's Cube yesterday. Among the interesting tidbits is the fact that a Rubik's Cube from 1980 can go for as much as $125 (not bad considering that they originally sold for around $6). Here are some other interesting Rubik's Cube facts:



  • There are 43 quintillion wrong combinations, only one correct one.
  • The world record to solve an original style Rubik's Cube is 5.66 seconds
  • (Taking the stickers off and putting them in the right order doesn't count!)

So what are some of your favorite classic toys? Leave a comment below and let us know!