Chris Christie’s political future is very much on the line and how he handles “Bridgegate” will determine if he is a viable presidential candidate.

Gov. Chris Christie speaks about his knowledge of a traffic study that snarled traffic at the George Washington Bridge (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

The governor is denying any involvement in what appears to be a political payback scheme which hit the fan yesterday when emails were revealed that showed two of Christie’s top aides intentionally caused a traffic nightmare in Fort Lee in September.  The closing of two lanes on the George Washington Bridge was apparently payback for the town’s Democratic mayor not coming out publically to support Christie’s re-election bid.

The governor in a statement insisted Wednesday he was not involved and would take swift action against those responsible.  That all sounds fine but those who follow him closely doubt that the micro-managing state leader had no idea what was going on.  Others are wondering why Christie did not fire his deputy chief of staff Bridget Ann Kelly yesterday when it became evident that she sent the message to a since resigned Port Authority official which read “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

The Republican governor cancelled a public appearance at a Hurricane Sandy event in Ocean County yesterday and many insist he’s trying to find a way to spin this one in his favor.  Christie better have some answers and fast or his presidential plans will disappear faster than a cheeseburger on his plate.

On a totally unrelated note:

Penn State needs to hire a football coach no later than tomorrow and their choice has to be someone who won’t bolt for the NFL in a couple of years.  I don’t know how you insure that in today’s world where college coaches earn millions and often leave players high and dry.

The Nittany Lions need stability as much as anything else.  I would have liked for Miami’s Al Golden to return to his alma mater because I would have had a ticket connection…his brother Shaun is the Monmouth County Sherriff.