With time running out before Governor Christie must reach a deal with Democrats on a state budget, the governor said he won’t sign one that doesn’t include some form of a tax cut.

At a town hall in Galloway, Christie acknowledged working with Democrats across the aisle in getting major reform passed including pension and health benefit reform and capping property taxes at 2%.

“The last piece of the puzzle right now is to cut your taxes…and we need to do that this year” he said to the crowd.

With roughly two weeks left until the democratic Legislature must reach an agreement with the governor on a state budget, Christie was unwavering in his decision that it must include a tax cut.

“I will make it really clear…I will not negotiate a budget with the state Legislature unless they cut your taxes…it’s that simple. I am not going to continue down this road where we get promised tomorrow and tomorrow” said Christie.

Christie administration officials, meanwhile, have been preparing for a state government shutdown if a deal is not reached by July 1st. While he doesn’t think that will happen, Christie said it won’t be pretty until then.

“Its going to get a little ugly the next 18 days” said Christie.

Christie also said the Legislature also needs to get to work on tenure reform, drug court treatment for non-violent offenders and ending sick leave payouts for public employees before they leave for the summer.

“The clock is ticking” he said.

Courtesy Governor’s Office