This afternoon at 2PM, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will deliver his State of the State Address before a special joint session of the legislature at the Statehouse in Trenton.

Governor Chris Christie sits down with Townsquare Media's Kevin McArdle (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Last year, Christie touted his accomplishments from the previous year and talked about the need for a tax cut and education reforms. This year, the Governor plans to dedication the entirety of his speech to New Jersey's efforts to recover and rebuild from super-storm Sandy.

"It's going to dominate the lives of many people in the state so it should also play a large part in the Governor's life as well," explains Christie. "My big concern is to make sure that folks here understand that I'm working and the Administration is working as hard as they can to get as much done as quickly as we can get it done, but also that this is the biggest disaster this state has ever faced and so it's going to take a while."

Christie says anyone who drives along the Jersey shore realizes that fully recovering from Sandy is going to take a long time. He says people have life decisions to make such as; do they even want to rebuild damaged or destroyed homes? The Governor thinks these are decision that should be left to individuals and the government shouldn't be imposing its will. He says he'll be introducing some regulations very soon to let people know how his Administration thinks it's appropriate to rebuild along the shore.

"I think you're going to see in the next year it's going to dominate us in terms of our economy and how our economy goes and what we're going to see in terms of activity over the summer," says Christie. "The storm created a situation where now any kind of ideas I had about what I wanted to do in the fourth year of my first term is kind of on the back burner."

The Governor says he will set recovery benchmarks and try to reach them all in a positive way for people so that they can see progress is being made.