New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is primed for his primetime address to the Republican National Convention Tuesday evening, but he won’t even hint at the contents of his keynote address.

In Tampa Sunday, Christie assembled the delegates to the convention from his state, promising that they’ll be proud of their state’s role in coming out early for Mitt Romney during the primary season.

As delegates enjoyed a picnic-style dinner at a St. Petersburg resort, Christie recounted for the delegates how he asked state Republicans to allow him to pick a nominee they could all rally around. As a result, “We’re front and center and I’m giving the keynote on Tuesday,” he told the Star Ledger.



The Governor is not too concerned about Isaac’s effect on the convention, turning it into a quip. “They brought me down here on Sunday just to make sure if there were any idiots on the beach, to tell them to get the hell off the beach,” he said, to cheers. “Some lines are so good they never go away.”

Christie also says this year is vastly different from 2008, when what he calls the Obama “steamroller” was hard to beat. He points to polls that are neck-and-neck, confident that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will win in November.

The Associated Press contributed to this report