New Jersey Governor Chris Christie should get a huge recognition bump after he gives the keynote address at next week’s Republican National Convention.

If the speech is a hit it should also help his approval ratings in the Garden State which would help his bid for re-election next year should he decide to run. Newark Mayor Cory Booker is considered by many to be the Democrats’ best hope of unseating Christie and Booker is working to raise his profile too.

Monmouth University poll director Patrick Murray says, “Booker does have somewhat of a national profile with his one million Twitter followers, but Chris Christie is the elected Governor of New Jersey (and) the fact that Chris Christie has a speaking engagement on a national platform whereas Cory Booker is only working behind the scenes (as a surrogate for President Barack Obama) also kind of keeps Cory Booker’s star from rising.”

Booker hurt his on cause recently when he used the word “nauseating” on national television to describe the Obama campaign’s attacks on private equity firms. Booker is still campaigning for Obama and helping with fundraising.

In fact, he’s campaigning so much, that while attending a press even in Newark recently Democratic U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg even commented on the fact that the city’s mayor couldn’t attend because of his travel schedule.

“Cory Booker needs to have some sort of statewide office as his next stepping stone,” says Murray. “The question is, will it be Governor in 2013 or will it be (U.S.) Senator in 2014?”

Christie and Booker have often shared the stage together most notably when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg pledged $100 million in matching funds for the Newark school system. The two agree so often that Murray wonders if there’s enough contrast between Christie and Booker.

“For Cory Booker to take on Chris Christie it would be an interesting campaign because there are many areas where the two have agreed in terms of policy,” explains Murray. “I think Booker would have to run a campaign of style.”