In Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention, Newark Mayor Cory Booker told a crowd that if more Democrats turned out to vote in New Jersey’s 2009 gubernatorial election, “the world wouldn’t know who (Chris) Christie is.” Asked if he thinks the statement might have been Booker’s opening salvo in an effort to unseat him next year, Governor Christie seemed unfazed.

“Listen, there will be lots of stuff said between now and the election next November about a lot of different people and things,” said Christie. “I have a great personal relationship and professional relationship with Cory Booker. I’ve had that for now nearly a decade.”

Many political insiders point to Booker as the Democrats best shot at toppling Christie if the current Governor decides to run for re-election next year. Christie says he won’t even make up his mind about another term until after this November’s presidential election.

In what could be construed as a thinly veiled shot at Booker, Christie said, “I’m confident that we’ll continue to work very well together after he gets home so that we can deal with the really severe financial difficulties that are going on in Newark that we’re running out of time to deal with.”

Christie doesn’t think anything Booker says in North Carolina will impact the relationship back home. The Governor points out, “He’s in the middle of a political convention and sometimes that stuff happens.”