Stuart Chaifetz is delaying the promised release of additional audio of his son being bullied by teachers inside a Cherry Hill classroom.

On his Facebook page and during  CNN interview on Saturday morning Chaifetz promised to release new audio on Monday that would prove that teacher Kelly Altenburg’s voice is the one heard on the audio recording made when he sent his 10 year old autistic son to school with a recording device.

Chaifetz told Townsquare Media NJ’s  Stacy Proebstle he will still release the audio this week but did not specify a day.

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“I held back one clip which I did not release anywhere publicaly…where the teacher was directly involved in what I call bullying of my son,” said Chaifetz on CNN.

He says the unreleased comments came as his son Aiken was reading a book, put his finger in his nose and a teacher “basically humiliated him in front of the whole class.” Holding teacher Altenburg directly responsible for all that goes on in her classroom, he says the new audio will “cause a bit of an outrage.”

When asked how the audio will prove his allegation that Altenburg’s voice is on his audio, Chaifetz says “Someone calls her Kelly right in the middle of it.”


Cherry Hill education officials broke their silence on Friday to clarify the status of the staff heard speaking inappropriately in the classroom of the 10 year old autistic son on an audio recording made by Stuart Chaifetz.

Friday’s statement released by Cherry Hill public schools. says that the teachers and aides were actually placed on leave “to minimize disruption in our schools” while an investigation continues.

“While our investigation continues, all individuals working in the classroom on the date in question have been either been placed on leave to minimize disruption to our schools, or no longer work for the District.


An attorney for Kelly Altenburg, Matthew Wieliczko, held a press conference Friday to reiterate a statement first issued Thursday night during Stuart Chaifetz’s appearance on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 that it is not her voice heard on the recording made by Aiken Chaifetz on February 17 after his father put a recording device on him.

“The first time that Mrs. Altenburg became aware of these statements, or alleged statements, was either when she was contacted by the school administration concerning the covert recording…or just after the posting of Mr. Chaifetz’ first YouTube video,” the attorney’s statement said.  According to the Courier-Post.Wieliczko said his client has “fully cooperated” with the school district’s investigation and she is hurt “deeply” by the accusations of bullying.