Someone at the Jersey shore just became a millionaire, could it be you? If you played the New Jersey Lottery's Pick 6 game yesterday, you may have just won $21.5 million. Read more for details!

The NJ Lotto is telling us that the winning ticket, the 5th largest in Pick 6 history, was sold at the 7-11 store in the Kohl's Plaza on Route 35 in Holmdel.

Over 1.2 million tickets were sold yesterday, but only one ticket matched all six numbers and hit that multi-million dollar jackpot. So grab your ticket and take a look, here are the winning numbers:

12, 24, 34, 41, 46, 47

Are those your numbers?

Again, we're talking about the Monday, June 25th drawing. If you have the winning ticket, the first thing you want to do is sign the ticket immediately, then bring it in to the location to verify.

If you're the big winner, drop us a line, we'd love to talk to you!