It may not be long before your trips to Ocean County's Target stores could be a totally different experience, according to the company.

While some companies are shrinking and closing stores, Target doubled down and announced a multi-billion dollar plan over the next few years to try to drive even more loyalty and sales.

One of the things that they're planning to do, and that we could see at one of the Ocean County locations in Brick, Toms River, and Manahawkin, is a total store design overhaul.

They're planning to roll out the new floor plan, which they hope will get shoppers exactly where they want to go quickly, this fall, and are targeting (no pun intended) the first round of about 500 store overhauls to be done by 2019.

If you could make suggestions to Target for store renovations, what would be on your wish list? Comment below and let us know!


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