Recently I was reading a magazine about celebrities and Summer jobs they once did..

It had me thinking about my first job and it was a  Summer job when I was younger.  I worked at my local pool.  It's something I enjoyed so much.  I wasn't a lifeguard.  I worked in the "pit".  The "pit" was the snack bar.  I bet you could figure that one out that I worked in the snack bar.  It was so much fun. 

Celebrities First Summer Jobs:

John Hamm (Mad Men)--He cleared land in St. Louis, chopping down trees

Chris Colfer (Glee)--He worked at a dry cleaner's

Ana Gasteyer (SNL)--She worked on a paddleboat on the Potomac River

Will Ferrell--Valet parker 

So what was your first Summer job?  Did you like it?