Did you happen to visit any of Jersey’s great lighthouses over the weekend?  Sunday was National Lighthouse Day, a day to pay tribute to America’s beacons of light, and their important history.  Our proximity to Barnegat Light and Tuckerton Seaport makes it easy to see some of Ocean County’s lighthouses.  But we’re not too far from some of the other beautiful beacons at the Jersey Shore, either.

With their different shapes, colors, and patterns, it’s no wonder some people travel the country on a quest to see every lighthouse in the USA.   A popular item in the Outer Banks gift shops is a poster which shows the unique paint patterns of North Carolina’s lighthouses.

While electricity and automation have replaced old time lighthouse keepers, the structures have a history that can not be replaced.  All around the country, volunteer and non-profit groups are focused on repairing and maintaining lighthouses so that their stories can be told through the generations.

Have you visited many of New Jersey’s lighthouses?  http://www.visitnj.org/nj/history/lighthouses

Do you have a favorite?  When you travel to other states, do you stop to see their lighthouses?