....Attitude Is Everything...For me, there is nothing better then teaching girls and giving girls the gift of confidence.  The feeling that they can do anything...it doesn't matter what you look like, your size, that pimple on your face..you are beautiful no matter what.  And that's what this program does at Cedar Grove Elementary School in Toms River.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

This program is a vision of my friend Jillian Messina.  She had this vision of building confidence in girls since she was 13.  And now that Jillian is a Mom of three children and one being a daughter, she thought it's time to get this program rolling in our schools.  If you are able to speak to Jillian about it she gets a glow in her eyes and she truly believes in her program and so do I.  Jillian had help bringing this to fruition with her sister Tracey Fournier and good friends Danielle Lebright and Kim Pirrella.  AIE is not just about confidence but it's where girls come together and talk to each other, where as maybe they would never have spoken before.  The program is for 3rd Grade girls at Cedar Grove Elementary School all thanks to the School Supervisor Stacey Monetti for being a huge cheerleader for this fabulous, fun time for girls at their lunch break.  It started with 28 girls -- now it's up to 47 girls participating.  Jillian and her friend Danielle  are at the school 3 days a week, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  I couldn't think of two ladies any better better than these two to show our little girls that Attitude Is Everything and girls can feel good about themselves and maybe make a new friend along the way!  A big "thank you" goes out to the School Counselor Donna DiNardo and School Psychologist Nicole A. Formichella who are at every session with the girls.

I had the pleasure of sitting in this past Friday and I just thought it was amazing.  These 3rd Grade girls were excited to come to this program, smiles were beaming on their faces and this weeks program was all about photo chopping.  They learned that their favorite stars in magazines look just like them..with no make-up and no "photo chopping" before their pictures are published in magazines, TV and even movies.  They learned that these pictures aren't real!  And being yourself is the best!

From this radio girl, I sure wish I had this growing up.  I want it in my daughters school!  How cool would it be to get this program in all the schools throughout Ocean County?  Jillian let's make this happen!   It is a fantastic way for our little girls to be proud of who they are, to know that they are beautiful the way the are and have that attitude that just plain rocks!

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

And I just want to say, "Thank You" to Stacey Monetti School Supervisor at Cedar Grove Elementary School in Toms River for making this happen and allowing to start something pretty terrific in her school.  I can only hope that other Supervisors throughout the area in our local schools read this and bring this program to their schools.  I know Jillian can make this happen for your school.  From one Mom to another..we have to come together and help our girls be the best they can be with confidence and friendship!