What’s On Your Local’s Summer To Do List?
So Labor Day has passed, the kids are back at school, most people have wrapped up their summer vacation plans, but those of us who live here in Ocean County know one important thing - beach and boardwalk season isn't over.
Winter 2017-2018 Farmer’s Almanac Prediction Is A Mixed Bag
I feel like we have to put a disclaimer on this before we get too far into it - there has been much debate on the veracity of The Old Farmer's Almanac's predictions over the years. But as we enter the waning weeks of summer 2017, it's always interesting to see what they're saying…
Help Those Devastated in Texas
Residents here at the Jersey Shore know all to well what Hurricane damage is all about as many of our neighbors continue to rebuild following the affects of Hurricane Sandy.
Now we watch as Texas deals with Hurricane Harvey and we see the water damage being done by terrible flooding there, especially…

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