Stuff A Bus: Thank You Waretown!
THANK YOU Waretown ~ Shawn & Sue
Shawn and Sue's "Stuff The Bus" kicked off today in Waretown and THANK YOU to everyone who came out and donated school supplies for kids throughout Ocean County! Thanks to Shop Rite and Durham Bus Company for helping make today happen!
Shutterblog: Jersey Shore Photography [PHOTOS]
“I love photography as a hobby and I enjoy sharing my photos, many  from right here at the Jersey Shore. I hope you enjoy taking some time to relax as I share my visions with you” ~ Shawn Michaels
The first photo is a "Triumph" conv…
Calling All Jersey Shore Photographers!
I love photography! Every month I post my "photography" blog here at It's a fantastic hobby and so many love to do it as well. Here at the Jersey Shore we have fabulous opportunities to capture fantastic photos. With that being said, it's a great opportunity to …

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