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Have You Seen the Yule Log with Puppies and Kittens!
Ok there seems to be a "pet alliance" between my Wife and Marianne Levy! Lately they are in cahoots when it comes to pets ... especially the dogs! One of the latest ideas they shared was having a special blanket for our dog Dex and , as Marianne suggested, April put in the dryer to…
Calling All Jersey Shore High School Singers! [CONTEST]
We already have several High Schools signed up, but we are looking for more. Be a part of our annual Christmas singing contest and show off your schools chorus, choir and ensembles ! Sing on the air and compete for our annual "tinsel trophy" to have bragging rights at your school t…
Time For Shawn and Sue’s Christmas Chorus Contest!
Calling all High Schools: It's time for Shawn and Sue's Christmas Chorus Contest 2016! Any Jersey Shore High School Chorus or Choir may compete for the "Tinsel Trophy" and bragging rights as the school with the best pipes at the Shore.
Check out our recent winners:

2014 Winner - Central Regi…

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